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This is one of the modern juggling classics. There are not many routines like this, clear, beautiful and conseptual at the same time. Mike Day was way ahead his time. Pure classic.

When I was working as juggling teacher in Turku circus school, We studied this routine with all my students, not just jugglers but all. The idea was to study the routine and then make interpretations of it. In the end most of students managed to learn the one ring part and some of the one with ring and ball. We never finnished it as a class. Juggling is difficult and this is just genious work of art.

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_ Mike Day Solo 2 from CAUGHT - STILL /HANGING

From the Gandini Vaults. Mike Day's solo 2 from CAUGHT - STILL /HANGING. Choreographed by Gill Clarke. 1994 at the Place Theatre. This was the Gandini's second show. Live Music by Steve Williams.
  2009-01-13 04:15 4653

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