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This might be the first uploaded video to JTV? numbrer 2 doesn't exist or I don't have permission to touch it. Feels good to feature the first j.tv video. So let's hpe this is it. Others can correct me and publish real the first when they have moment for it. FIRE BURNS!!!

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_ Browner Toasted

the brilliant matt browner blowing his toastie fires
Finchley, London - 2002 United Kingdom
matt - brown - fire - glow - jtv
  2007-03-03 01:22 6444

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JTV _ 82 months
“And now, this is the video with the greatest amount of time elapsed between upload and first comment.”
JTV _ 82 months
“You're correct, Rauli, that, after some "test uploads" (now deleted), this was the first video uploaded to JTV. Admittedly, we were still in quiet beta mode at the time, but it's great to see Mr Browner on the front page.”

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