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JTV says_ A very literal description belies the stylish contact moves herein. Chairs are good.

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_ Two Balls, One Chair

in this video there is one green ball and one red ball. there is also a chair. there is also a girl wearing black trousers and top (that is me). there are also some crash mats but please don't focus on them
belfast - 2009 United Kingdom
  2009-05-17 02:54 8407

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DaveGaida _ 168 months
“It's a beaut! Very inspiring. 1:33 was great, and I like where you stashed the ball for the handstand.
(now fetching my contact ball)”
Cigarash _ 168 months
“This is very nice. Love the video. How long have you been doing this?”
happysmurfday _ 168 months
“Wicked contact work!”
romeo _ 168 months
“I really loved your video, really beautiful and full of good ideas! where do you come from? romeo”

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