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_ Greetings from china

Here my first video on JTV but my second ever.
Filmed during my vacation time (Mai and June) in China in Shanghai and beijing (zhong shan park is in Shanghai).
Not the best tricks, but I set a high value on the localations and backgrounds that time.
The music is made by Haiao Mijazaki (hope it's the right spelling) from the movies: Nausicaä; Castle in the sky and Totoro :D Great movies and great music everytime!
This special, one sided diabolo is calles kong zhu and very famous in Shanghai!
Shanghai and Beijing - 2009 China
  2009-06-21 10:00 6838

5_ they said...

Diabolomaster1993 _ 179 months
“not the best vid i have seen here is some tips:
1.Better music.
2.Train more on the "sideways" diabolo trick
I gave u 4 stars
Keep up the good work BTW....Greetings from Norway”
edward _ 179 months
QualCon _ 179 months
“The problem is now fixed.
The Quality Controller.”
Christl _ 179 months
“that's weird...the original movie is 10 min long, not 8. And the music should fix perfect to the video, but it doesn't.... why?”
zeddic23 _ 179 months
“great work - thanx for this beautiful excursion to china - brilliant insights !! 5*”

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