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Two years since JTV produced the BJC Nottingham DVD and we have started uploading the videos for all to enjoy. So far most of the public show is online and what better place to start than Jeanine's breath taking movement and manipulation....

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_ Jeanine @ BJC07

Jeanine showing off her amazing body-contact moves at the 2007 British Juggling Convention in Nottingham.
2007 United Kingdom
  2009-06-24 04:15 21506

10_ they said...

bandpaz _ 84 months
“i am in love with her”
GreciaAnel _ 131 months
“great skills girl, very fit”
koolmagicguy2 _ 141 months
“Very impressive”
Xotico _ 158 months
“Always amazing Jea!
i love your style!”
flederman _ 162 months
“one word amazing”
tonydunc _ 163 months
I really like seeing how she keeps developing and getting smoother. SO effortless and magical. Not thrilled with how it is integrated with the music, but I guess it is a European thing”
guidovanhout _ 163 months
“Nice! the acrobatic movements add a lot, combine, or better: make possible a lot of cool stuff with the ball. Good to see you....uhm to watch you”
Arron _ 163 months
“Amazing stuff!”
warner _ 163 months
Robin _ 163 months
“This girl has mad skills, definately one of my favourites from recent years.”

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