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_ Some diabolo tricks xD

This is my first vid. so plzz be gentle...lol
  2009-07-06 04:11 3427

5_ they said...

yohan610 _ 159 months
“nice vid ! but if you do it in front of a public, do it more slowly, usually the people prefer when movement are slow and about the monorail, learn to do it infinitely it would be great! keep training guy you're on the right way! ;-)”
Diabolomaster1993 _ 166 months
“Thx Diabolo_dan :D
I see that you follow me.....OMG THX MAN.
More vid. to come!
Diabolo_Dan _ 166 months
“That was pritty cool! There where a fue mistakes but it was good how you didnt let it stop your perfomance. Looking fowerd to seeing more from you.

Dan Mc”
TLMB _ 167 months
“Nice timing with the music going into infinite suicide. You had a pretty friendly crowd, but you didn't acknowledge them much. Try to look up and make eye contact with someone in the audience several times during an act. And 10 frames per second didn't make it particularly easy on the eye to watch. Not too bad for a first(?) performance though.”
Diabolomaster1993 _ 167 months
“Plzz write something here...lol
Can any1 write what they think was cool or stupid? (Im one of the newest member here :P)”

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