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JTV says_ While we're all still waiting for Aza to bust out his ultimate pogo stick act on the unsuspecting public, here he is wowing the French TV public with his ballsticks and yo-yos.

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_ Arron Sparks on Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde

Arron Sparks on Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde. This is a cut down version of his act 'Keeping it Really Real'.
London - 2009 United Kingdom
  2009-08-06 05:25 10246

5_ they said...

jeepeetout _ 153 months
“Why taht I can't download this video!!!
I love it, I want it so mutch!!!”
denfulacykeln _ 154 months
“One hell of a nice iPoi!”
GbH _ 154 months
“Great - really enjoyed seeing that at last.”
Robin _ 154 months
“Top notch as always mate, really glad you're having such success with it. Hope to catch up soon. Keep on rockin'!!”
stan _ 155 months
“you got to love that cap...”
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