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_These novel new Play balls _Juggled in the novel Peden fashion
_How novel is that ?
_click back and enjoy this fresh Wesley video with some decechromatic new props_

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_ I Don't Want to Write a Novel

music Artist: Lali Puna
song: Middle Curse
juggler/filmer/editer: Wes Peden

balls: special edition Sil-X from Play

stay tune for more juggling videos after this short break. www.facebook.com/pages/Wes-Peden/45315672955?ref=ts
danshogskolan - 2009 select
  2009-08-16 02:43 7803

2_ they said...

wespeden _ 169 months
“they were specially made for me by David from Play. it looks like on there website they will make something similar to sell soon but i'm not sure when they will come out.”
stan _ 169 months
“Do you think any of the traders at BJC will sell these ? It would be awesome to buy some and learn it up in the gym. Where did you buy yours ?”

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