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Jtv says_ _kiss kiss bang bang _It's been black and white time in the past few days, with a little spate of archive juggling video hitting the vaults.

_Giant mechanical pianos with rockets that shoot clubs? You can't say you see that too often nowadays!

_Watch that jaw while you watch Alexander Kiss!

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_ Alexander Kiss

One of the greatest...Monster!!
  2007-05-13 05:39 19731

5_ they said...

kristiankristof _ 137 months
“Amazing! Alexander Kiss set the ground stone of Russian juggling evolution... Violetta launched Sergey Ignatov to elevate technical barriers and todays generation of jugglers all lean on this! Amazing video displaying the roots of Russian juggling history!”
Robin _ 173 months
“bring back the pogo club!”
Kasetta _ 178 months
“*javijim* "Arena Smelykh" was filmed in 1953, not 1970! And it was in black and white, look here:
So I suppose the FIRST act was from that documentary, not the SECOND.

By the way the second act is in better quality here:
If you want to download it:

javijim _ 183 months
“The second act is from a sovietic documentary "Arena Smelykh" filmed in 1953, not in 1970!
StevenRagatz _ 190 months
“Totally wow! And I am really in love with that hat line trick at the end! Very nice!”

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