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Highlights from the Best Trick competition at the British Young Juggler of the Year comp at the British Juggling Convention 2007.
  2007-05-17 04:07 7108

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onni _ 171 months
“The guy with the green T-shirt and long hair has a really nice style.”
RedBedmon _ 182 months
“in this vid there is a guy with blue jeans on and a green/grey t-shirt on. hi juggles 3 balls and catches them behind his neck - some white club tricks and 5 balls head throws. i one met up with him in wales at a convention but never got his details... if anyone has any info please contackt me at: [email protected]
Arron _ 196 months
“Nice work Howie!”
Ady_Pole _ 196 months
“Thanks JTV!

A pleasure to watch. Look at Freddy showin of his skills with those insane 5 club flats and Norbis forward roll trick...good stuff, it was fun. I didnt have any good tricks to show haha :D”

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