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JTV says_ A public information film containing vital information about a dangerous criminal that jugglers should beware of.

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_ Wanted: Anthony Gatto

Anthony Gatto: Forensic Psychological Investigation.
Classified Info.
0:00-3:35 "Criminal Investigation Details"
3:35-5:22 "Capturing the Juggling Maniac"
5:22- Blackness
Florida - 2010 United States
  2010-03-10 05:22 5963

10_ they said...

JackWire _ 145 months
“Dan Deacon outta nowhere
Didn't see that coming.”
JugglingJoe _ 146 months
“@aaron dewitt: that sounds disappointing. maybe i'll stick to lame dime a dozen, siteswap videos to make up for this video.”
Offa _ 146 months
“I thought it was funny anyway. Thanks.”
aarondewitt _ 146 months
“All I can say is... I was disappointed... and no one likes to be disappointed.”
JugglingJoe _ 146 months
“@jugglebomb: yeah, i can see your point of view, given the frame that is shown for the video. i've thought about changing it. it's a video involving a subtle, dry humor imaginary story line; and it's about going to watch and meet Anthony Gatto.”
jugglebomb _ 146 months
“I guess the thing is that I watched this expecting it to be a video of Gatto breaking some records. Its not a bad video but its not really of the same caliber as the other videos that have been featured.”
JugglingJoe _ 146 months
“Based on comments, I think we have some jugglers coming down with serious symptoms after watching this "lame" video. Please get help immediately, or contact the Juggling Public Protection Program for more information on how to deal with these symptoms.”
jugglebomb _ 146 months
“Yeah I really wish I hadn't watched this...”
Rjbcc58 _ 146 months
“yeah seriously”
Catjar _ 146 months
“why is this on the front page? It's so lame.”

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