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Innatov always comes alive in his smile as he juggles. There are many videos of him and worth watching just because as he juggle he looks so happy . I meet him for the first time in 1980 in Paris when he used my my Todd smith clubs after my street act . He was the normal dare I say it somewhat flat Russia until he started juggling . Then that smile and inner joy he has took over . When he juggles he's like the cat eating cream .

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_ Ignatov - Interview and routine

Ignatov talks about his ring holsters, and does his routine. Interviewer I think is François Bronett.
  2007-06-07 09:19 10286

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marcuse _ 181 months
“aa, no he doesnt juggle 11 rings. Even though the ringmaster claims that he does it.”
marcuse _ 181 months
“It is funny that the ringmaster tells the audience that it is impossible to start more than 8 rings from the hands while ignatov is starting 9 from his hands.”
Miika _ 194 months
“Well, at least his assistant caught some of the ones he missed himself. The balls he used were nice and big.”
Ady_Pole _ 203 months
“Agreed, a lot of drops for ignatov- though I say that and theres only a very sall amount of footage on the internet of him.
More please!”
Arron _ 205 months
“A suprising(?) amount of drops in his act but still as amazing as ever.

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