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_ 2 devilstick mirrored double tictac anti-tictac crossover

the title says everything. i made the video to show nikki what i meant with my description and was very surprised when my second try fit.
  2010-09-17 00:21 3837

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demiori _ 143 months
“I know what you mean now ;)”
lund _ 144 months
“thx, (it´s only the balcony bye the way)
a horiontally shift is possible but i think the catch is harder that way. Also i think this way has a better training effekt for the 1 Devilstick Anti-TicTac and for the 2 Devilstick Tic Tic (must be possible but lots of work)”
sethoscope _ 144 months
“Nice! I wonder how much sideways movement you could get for the swap. If you can really get the sticks to shift horizontally a lot, that might make this trick easier and would probably be a nice looking move even with one devil stick.
Nice garden too. :)”

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