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I always wonder why the kids are the best at juggling... this video doesn't help answer that question! Cool style, tricks and a professional sheen in filming help to make this is a note-worthy video.

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_ Abandoning Burning Ships

Presented by:
Vincent Janisch & Tim Schulze
You just listened to:
Errand Boy & El Ten Eleven & Lali Puna
Okay guys, here it goes:
We DON'T WANT TO WRITE A NOVEL, but on our last trip to LA-LA-LAND, we were faced by two guys called M.A.L.T.E. and MR. NOVEMBER. Both of them just came back from a journey to OHIO and invited us to barbecue some MARSHMALLOWS. After enjoying this delicious meal, the four of us decided to hit the TEXAS ROAD. We stopped at a small restaurant and ordered burgers with DOUBLE CHEESE AND NUGGETS. And now, HOLD ON TIGHT! Revitalized by this well prepared meal, our companions started to philosophize about BAD HABITS and BEing SHARPE. Quite cofused as we were, we didn't understand a word they were saying. They continued explaining to us that there were only a few decisions in life you really have to make :
Choose carefully, if don't pick the right options you will end up having INTEGRAL ERRORS.
Always remember:
A.liens M.ight C.apture B.ad B.oys!
Wolfsburg Germany
  2010-10-19 05:45 7178

2_ they said...

Cryc _ 160 months
“Amazing video! A lot of respect to you, I like your style! :)
could you tell me what was the title of the last soudtrack?”
Toddyupa _ 160 months
“Again with the smooth diabolo style! And the crazy tricks! And the awesome description (which I will, I have to say, steal from you :D)!!! Perfect, 5 stars.”

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