_ Two Diabolos (NEED HELP)

hi i am learning two diabolos and im having a problem controlling them. I would like some advise on how to control.
thank you
United Kingdom
  2010-11-10 00:60 2768

6_ they said...

totofdiabolo:tutos _ 128 months
“I think ther is just one solution : training :)”
jhonzon _ 137 months
“i think u use too much ur less dominant hand u should push the diabolos acros the string using ur dominant hand. if u want a good practise for this movement try using only ur right hand for doing the 2 diabolo shufle while keeping ur left hand moveless”
Pe-ads _ 139 months
“Not to do with two diabolos, but when you have one on the string, your whipping seems a little... jerky. I'm not that great a diaboloist myself, but I find it much easier when you push with your dominant, pull rather than pull with your non-dominant. Of course, you have to pull with your non-dominant a bit, but thinking of it the other way round makes it smoother and you accelerate faster.”
minimatrix _ 139 months
“thank you for your comments i will try my best to correct it.
i will let u know how i get on with your advice :)”
nextinline42 _ 139 months
“I would say focus more on pulling upward rather that across with your right hand, and push down with your left to keep them moving across the string. the movements shouldn't be sideways, they should be up and down. Now, for when one of the diabolos goes out of line, like the orange one in this, you need to know corrections: the easiest way for me to explain this is to rub the cup with your stick to make it turn; if the diabolo is turning toward the outside, rub the top of the near cup. If it's turning inwards, rub the far cup (this is one of the hardest corrections). for up/down tilt, rub the higher cup. also look on diabolo.ca, there's tons of info there on exactly this. they'll be able to help you a lot.”
ben-2-8 _ 139 months
“I think you can attempt to hit the borders of the diabolo with your stick to... take it back to the good... hmmmmmm (I'm french, and I haven't a lot of technical juggling vocabulary!!)
So, if you pick the front of the diab, it will make it turn to the right. If you pick its back, it will make it turn to left.
Uh, also, don't make the diabolo go in the string, with your right hand. The point is to make it jump, not to make it go straight in the left string.
You see?”

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