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_ GORA testing his new Ultimate Contact Staff

Since many years i working on the ContactStaff. Although i can say that it is the best staff what is made and balanced especially for contact technique, i still haven't been satisfied. At the last two months i made two innovations, what makes this staff the ultimate contact staff with the new connection and the special aluminum alloy, mix with the experience of weighting and creating contact staffs.
2010 Hungary
  2010-12-09 02:47 7845

10_ they said...

Atomic-Weight _ 147 months
“its incrediblete staff dont break nice toy”
gora _ 152 months
“Dear Waffles, The point is the testing! Iam a professional firegear creator. If the staff can stand this extreem testing it means it will be a good tool for years and years. I make herdcore testing for all my product. This is the point! :)”
waffles _ 152 months
“whats the point of bashing it off the ground?”
renealbert _ 154 months
“contact or full contact, thats the question ;o)”
david _ 156 months
“Ok but where's the counter ? Like the ones you can see on Ikea testing robots :)”
gora _ 156 months
“It is light like aluminum, but strong like steel. The material costs 3 times more but it worth. The basic size is 25X2mm what is on the video. For portable version i use 22X2mm, but i can make it also out of 20X2mm. You can order it and customize for yourself in my website:
meshunderlay _ 156 months
“Awesome. That looks great, and it looks like you had fun testing it out!”
TLMB _ 156 months
“Ha! That's what I call real product testing! :-)”
calvinklown _ 156 months
“Looks great, well done! Can you get the diameter down to 3/4 or 1/2 inch? And, how much does it weigh?”
david _ 156 months
“woow.. Want one!”

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