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According to one 'cubecheat' on Twitter Mr. Peden has just won bronze at the world famous Cirque De Demain (an international circus competition held in Paris each year). Sir Wes, we salute you! In honour we feature a video a few years old, doesn't time fly!? Congratulations Wes (and the same to all the other jTV friends who got on stage at Demain)!

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_ The Power is On

well... first there is this bit with the sound system to go with the name and to match then music then i do a three club trick where they balance on my arms and stuff then it goes to the thing with different clashes and short tricks to match the music then i do a 5 ball trick with back crosses and a spin around and more back crosses with numbers and x's and things then i do 4 club singles while having 2 clubs on the ground one on top of the other so that i can step on the fat end of one using it as a lever to flip the other one into my hand and go into a 5 club cascade... you know what, i don't really have time to write out a description so maybe you better just watch the video.
rochester NY - 2007
wes - peden - the - power - is - on - juggling - boxes - clubs - diabolo - balls - 4x2 - fun - go - team - danceing - around - like - a - crazy - person
  2007-08-24 03:18 14957

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Next _ 184 months
Arron _ 200 months
“This video shows why I hate Wes so much! ”
TLMB _ 200 months
“Hep to the ready housequake! Shut up, already, damn!”

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