_ Walk the Dog & Rock the Baby - Double Feature

Double feature of two old school string slinging classics. Rock the Baby trick variations include: Rock the Baby on the Trapeze, Rock the Baby on the Eiffel Tower, World's Smallest Rock the Baby, Pyramid Rock, Rock the Baby on the Brain Twister, Split the Atom and Rock the Baby, and Rock the Baby on the Launch Pad/Launchpad. Yo-Yos used in the demo: Playmaxx Turbo Bumblebee, Duncan Dragonfly, Yoyo Factory NorthStar, and the Moose Toys Goyo Racer yoyo (dog off leash). Footage filmed in 2008, 2010 and 2011 in Northwest NM by Andrew Gomez, Luke Renner and Izzi Renner. Features public domain footage and audio.
High Deserts of the Southwest United States
  2011-04-23 03:50 3233
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