_ Teku Contact - 19 - New Life

New ideas, new props, new life.

Had the idea for a long time to mix contact with other props (in particular the RDL props), so I gave myself a challenge of trying to come up with some mini routines over the summer. Still in the early stages but its somewhere I want to look into more.

Going to live in Japan permanantly from the 30th so its a kind of goodbye UK/home vid. After a very long wait its time to start a new life.

If you like the props go have a look here http://www.renegadesignlab.com/
Mansfield - 2011 United Kingdom
  2011-09-07 05:04 5058

7_ they said...

yos _ 140 months
“Hola Amigo Saludos desde Chiapas Mexico. Increible. Muy Creativo”
JacktheJuggler1 _ 151 months
“I love this kind of stuff. Very creative.”
Teku _ 153 months
The song is Slacker - Start a New Life”
binout _ 153 months
“really nice. bravo.
(let us know the music track, please)”
Feela _ 153 months
“just love it!!!”
MatiasCurinao _ 153 months
“jaja muy bueno”
dirzi _ 153 months
“very nice thank for this”

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