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I had a slow Sunday and decide to record myself juggling and spinning around my college, Irvine Valley College. I wanted to film around my school showing off some of the sculptures at the school. I am using my Red 90mm acrylic ball and some sock Poi./nI know that the editing is crappy and not that great and I do apologize for it. It was the best I was able to do with the footage I got. I promise to make any further videos better./nThe Music is by Kevin MacLeod and the song is Movement Proposition.
Irvine Valley College - 2011 United States
  2011-09-21 02:21 3345

2_ they said...

AKDiamond _ 142 months
“Nicely done!”
VolcanoBrian _ 154 months
“I actually really dug the editing... went well with the music. Thumb up!”

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