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Jtv says_ Are you a lonely juggler? No-one to practise with? Nearest club an hour or two's drive away? This video nicely shows how much fun it is to meet up with other jugglers. Now get yourself along to your nearest workshop/convention pronto!

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_ ISU juggling club

I've been wanting to go to a juggling club for a long time, but the closest one is and hour and a half away. Well, it's been really rainy this weeks so my dad thought we could make the trip. I had a blast with my sister Lilly and all the other guys at the club. I learned a ton of new juggling passing patterns that I've never had a chance to do.
Iowa State Univeristy - 2007 United States
  2007-10-17 08:39 8639

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kohlhh1 _ 196 months
“I especially liked that handsome gentleman in the background, juggling with an otherwise lonely lady. He demonstrated extreme bravery strolling through pattern.”

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