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_ Mouthsticker (Lloyd Nairn)

Achive clip from ??1950?? of an unknown juggler (Edit: Now believed to be Lloyd Nairn). Silent. Tennis rackets, ping pong balls, and mouthstick & bottle. Believed to have been filmed by Tex Glanville.
  2007-11-16 02:54 5910

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bad1dobby _ 76 months
“@LlyndaNairn There are two download buttons at the bottom of the page - click on the word "DOWNLOAD" (suggest you go for the "as we received it" version).
If your dad just wants it as an mp4, that will be enough. If he wants a playable DVD version, that gets a little more complicated...”
LlyndaNairn _ 76 months
Can somebody advise me how to get this video to download? My dad would like a copy on disc and I don't have a VHS player anymore, otherwise I could take it from there. Help much appreciated, dad is 84 next month :)”
Archive _ 111 months
“Thanks for the info, MrGorski! Title and description changed.”
MrGorski _ 111 months
“I believe this is Australian Juggler Lloyd Nairn father of Llynda Nairn who followed in her fathers profession. and it was his audition tape for a TV show.”

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