JTV is 10
JTV is 10
Here are the RESULTS of our 10th anniversary contest. The judges wrote: ...

The ballots are in, the votes have been counted, and the judges have reached a verdict! Before we announce the winners, however, it just has to be said how astounded we were at the amount of heart you all put into this competition. We spent hours pouring through lots of entries made with such a level of enthusiasm that not for one second did it feel like work. The joy of juggling shone through each and every video. Even if you didn’t win, your entry will always remain on juggling.tv’s archive, making it just that bit richer. Now for the results....

In no particular order. Close but no cigar box!:

Each Runner-up receives £500 store credit to spend at Oddballs.
JTV will contact each runner-up shortly, with details of how to claim your prize.

The Juggler by Peter Åberg

The Juggler <-- Please visit the video page to rate/comment.
At last, we finally have our theme song! And an infectious thing it is, too. People often look at us jugglers and think, “Their lives must be a lot of fun.” And they’re right, of course, but they’re not always aware of the long road that took us here: the sleepless nights spent practising into the wee hours, blissfully unaware of what our neighbours must think; the pressing need to master that one trick which seems just out of reach (and swiftly moving onto the next frontier when we finally nail it); the aches, the sprains and the throbbing forearms; and, of course, forever being likened to our big-shoed cousins, the clowns! Peter captures the life of a juggler with hilarious accuracy.

Juggl3ring by clp

Juggl3ring <-- Please visit the video page to rate/comment.
You’ve all heard the expression ‘poker-face,’ but we think ‘juggler-face’ should be just as widely used. It’s that look of effortless cool as you muster-up every ounce of technique and skill you have not to break the flow. This is one of the best examples we’ve come across. Here our ring-juggler transitions from trick to trick without breaking a sweat. But as you and I know, this kind of stuff is no walk in the park. The sheer variety and imagination on display is what really grabbed us, and made us want to watch and rewatch this video again and again to see how he does it.

Russian Juggling New Year Collaboration 2018 by jumpropemaster

Russian Juggling New Year Collaboration 2018 <-- Please visit the video page to rate/comment.
We wanted to pick a video which demonstrated that juggling is more than just a skill: it’s a lifestyle and a community. We’ve all had the thought flash through our minds when we’ve stumbled across another juggler: “Ah, here’s someone who understands my language.” This charming video brings together people of all ages through the common denominator of loving to juggle (also, it looked like a great way of warming themselves up in that chilly Russian climate). Inventive, stylish, full of surprises, and a reminder that we’re all really one big, global family.

Now for our WINNER, and our favourite video from the hundreds submitted:

The winner receives £1000 store credit to spend at Oddballs.
JTV will contact the winner shortly, with details of how to claim your prize.

Summer tricks by ŁukaszUczkiewicz

Summer tricks <-- Please visit the video page to rate/comment.
One of the most essential traits of a good juggler is developing your own style. If you can find a way to project your own personality into your juggling, people won’t just come to see you juggle, they’ll come to see you. In just under two and a half minutes of juggling, we felt we knew who Lukasz was. He’s clearly enjoying himself immensely, and it’s contagious! It made us want to scoop up some balls and juggle the rest of the day away. Personality isn’t everything, however. We couldn’t give the grand prize to someone who didn’t know what they were doing. Luckily, his technique and grace blew us away as well. Where else can you see bind catches and behind the back juggling like that? And such tremendous spatial awareness. Really stellar stuff that made him an easy pick as the overall winner. We hope he inspires you the way he inspired us. (Oh, and we also really loved Lucasz's other video "themanwhothrowsballs", so we really recommend you check that one out too!)

Again, we were bowled over by all of the effort and love you all put into your submissions. Even if you didn’t win this time, we really hope that there’ll be many more opportunities to do so in the future. And we bet you had fun making them, right? If just one person was inspired to pick up three balls and try to keep them in the air by your video, you’ve had a profound effect on the world.

JTV would like to thank Oddballs for their generous prize sponsorship!
This competition was by no means a one-off: We enjoyed your vids so much that we’ll almost certainly organise more events in the near-future. Keep watching this space. A thousand thank yous for all your stellar contributions!

JTV is 10
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