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The Planet Diabolo Project: the new diabolo DVD!


Initiated in 2010, The Planet Diabolo Project is an incredible adventure which aims to introduce the diabolo art to the world through some exclusive video content. Recorded on 5 continents during more than 2 years, The Planet Diabolo Project is an anthem to cultural exchange and diversity. Envisioned by French diabolo artist Nico Pires and his associates Priam Pierret and Thierry Delaveau, this initiative has brought together artists from very different styles and origins. The final result will be released ona 4 thematic DVDs collection including: the freestyle movie "Diabolo is a trip", the educational part "Diabolo is a skill", the performances section "Diabolo is a show", the bonus mix "Diabolo is more". The diabolo revolution is now on so get ready to jump on an epic journey around the planet Diabolo!






The wizard circus of plin-plin the clown


Video promocional de la obra "El magico circo de plin-plin el payaso" de clowndestino chile, grabado en la gira del sename, en las ciudades de Chepica, Lolol, Santa Cruz y Peralillo. (chile)/nPromotional video of the work " The wizard circus of plin-plin the clown " of clowndestino chili recorded in the tour of the sename, in the cities of Chepica, Lolol, Santa Cruz and Peralillo. (Chili)
clown - malabar - y - mas -






[heresy] time lapse


[heresy] time lapse 75min performance in less than one minute. This was shot 10.8.2013 @ Menu Spaustuve, Vilnius during our residency there. Premiere for [heresy] will be 25.9. 2013 @ Cirko-keskus, Helsinki Performance is bookable now for tours and gigs worldwide. Sirkus Supiainen / Projekt NMN [heresy] Direction, script and set design by: Samuli Männistö Production: Sirkus Supiainen /Samuli Männistö Lighting design: Saija Nojonen Costume design: Marjo Haapasalo Music: Laura Vuorjoki-Elo Live sound tecnician: Antti Koukonen Performers: Antti Nerg, Markus Nivala, Samuli Männistö and Laura Vuorjoki-Elo Sponsored by: Epic Juggling props and Koistinen Kantele With Support: Cirko, Menu Spaustuve, Koneen säätiö (Saaren Kartano residency) and Kordelin foundation.






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