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title: 4 handed siteswap tutorial

description: A short tutorial covering 4 handed siteswap./nThis was initially made as part of Lewis Kennedy's excellent jugglevision series.





title: Brook and Mark

description: In which Brook finally accepts Mark will never learn interesting siteswaps and they do a bunch of 1-count and 2-count. With apologies to the Highgate jugglers for my betrayal of ambidexterity! Filmed in November 2016 when we didn't have to rehearse the passing routine for Camvention any more and enjoyed our freedom :) Thanks to Mark for indulging me and filming, Danny for the terrible 4 way combo that took me over two years to get good enough to actually do (and some of the other ideas), and Jon for filming a little sequence with me.
Tags: passing - two - count - brook - mark - body - throws - alberts - treblas





title: Club on face. Club off face at high velocity.

description: Brook, Mark and Ashley experimenting with a few different methods of prop acquisition. Thanks to Ashley for editing.
Tags: passing - steals - balance - pickup - 8 - clubs - 2 - count - face - off





title: 7 club passing sequence with coloured clubs

description: Alex and I do a sequence where the 3 green clubs are isolated in 4 different patterns. Start off with 7-club 3-count with the passes green. Then do 8677867 with the passes as green. Then 978 versus 972 with double passes as green. Then 551 popcorn (a2a67) versus 5 count popcorn with trelfs as green. Then back to 7 club 3-count. As they are all ground state, the first 2 switches just work, and doing: 966|7867867 for the first 7867867|978972 for the second preserves the colours. For the third, to keep the colours we did three transition throws: 978972|867|a66a7a6267 For the fourth transition, to keep the colours we did: a66a7a6267a66a7|b6266|966 I'd love to see similar ideas!





title: Passing from Croatia to Turkey

description: Three of us went on a cycling trip, starting in Croatia and making our way to the Turkish juggling convention. On the way we did some juggling!
Tags: passing - holiday - clubs - steals





title: Switching between scrambled 3V and 3B long run

description: Starting off with the base pattern of rotating 2 count 4 count feed, we then add the maniuplators to do 3B (Brook in blue t-shirt the B maniuplator, Steve in black t-shirt the 3 manipulator). Every 30 beats you get back to the start, and so every 30 beats the B/V manipulator (Brook at this point) switches to the other pattern and the 5 people do around of 3B/3V. We do 3B/3V/3B/3V and then try to exit the pattern. Patterned invented by Aidan - see 'How to Steal From Your Friends' at http://www.juggle.me.uk/passing/ where 3,V,B and transitions between them are described. In Aidan Notation (X, Y, Z are the jugglers): X: Ps | Ps | Ps Y: Ps | ss | Ps Z: ss | Ps | ss 3: cZZ | sZX | iXY V: cXY | sYY | iXZ B: iXY | cYY | sYX I switch by doing the second column of the pattern I've arrived in (as manipulator) and then switching to the third column of the new pattern (and everyone responds accordingly).
Tags: passing - takeouts - 3 - v - b - 3v - 3b - clubs - feeding - rotating - walking





title: Chopped Dolby

description: An ambidextrous version of Chopabout, using the turn from Dolby Sörroundabout. The pattern is period 11, although for all 3 people to do each part with both hands takes 66 throws. We do just over an entire round of the pattern (77 throws). In chopabout you do some substitutions, then roundabout out to allow a new juggler to be the manipulator. By turning out in the same way as in Dolby Sörroundabout you can switch to left handed chopabout - doing the switch on every turn gives the pattern shown Chopped Dolby. In Aidan Notation: A: Cs | ss | Ps | s | sP | ss -> B B: Ps | ss | Cs | s | sP | ss -> A M: sAB | sAA | sBA | iAA | cBB | -- -> M





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