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People start projects.
Over time, people's interests can shift.

Projects get lost, technology moves on, access becomes limited.

Yet they still have value within the juggling community.

The aim of lost juggling projects is to make it easy for producers of defunct video projects to contribute them to the juggling community.

We try to work according to the following guidelines:

1) The service is free to all

2) The media is hosted on juggling.tv

3) We try to minimise work for original producers - collecting, encoding, hosting administration and release

4) Producers take full credit for their work - we're not looking for it

5) Producers can choose how involved they are in the release process

6) We don't release till the producers are happy and give us permission

7) We don't generate money from this venture - think of it as an altruistic service to better the juggling community

Suggest a project or ask for help:

[email protected]
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