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_ Dancefest Juggling Performance

This is a performance I put together for a dance show that my university does every semester where all the dance groups put together 3-4 minute routines. So I threw together a quick juggling dance routine, The performance was for non jugglers and at a dance show so its not all that technically advanced, but whatevs. . . Also I dropped a lot due to the fact that I was nervous as hell.
  2012-01-10 03:18 3312

2_ they said...

PePPy _ 145 months
“im digging this performance. the tricks in the routine had a nice flow from one to the next :)”
TLMB _ 145 months
“Your description was a little apologetic - I don't think it needs to be. That was fun and obviously went across really well. I enjoyed it, cheers.”

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