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title: Monterrey Jam feat. Cinthia Buitrón “La Flaka”

description: As a continuation to my “jam” video series, I was able to collab with another prominent Mexican juggler during my study abroad experience in Mexico. This time I have a female juggler for the first time in this series, and I am very honoured that this juggler is La Flaka. La Flaka is known for being the first (or only) juggler in the history to explore the top-of-the-head balance in the midst of tricks. Before her, jugglers had done patterns while holding that club balance, but no one was ever able to actually integrate the top-of-the-head balance with different siteswaps and body rolls. After hanging out with the Unicirclo Laguna crew in Monterrey for a week, I noticed the potential for modern passing tricks with her and I decided to visit them once again in order to record this video. Thank you Tinoco, Flaka and Leonardo Icaza for making this possible and for being extremely kind and welcoming! Full video with better quality and more details on YouTube!
Tags: club - passing - mexico





title: Toluca Jam feat. Jorge Vilchis

description: This is the third part of my "jam" series which consists of original passing tricks with jugglers who have a similar style to mine. Jorge Vilchis is the person who motivated me to start juggling clubs and that’s why he’s the perfect fit for this series. This video was also a great end for my study abroad term in Mexico and I hope you enjoy it! Jorge’s social media: Instagram: @conejolunar https://www.facebook.com/jorgevilchisjuggler/ My social media: Instagram: @lucasadverse https://www.facebook.com/jugglingadverse Music: elijah who - hitchuwithdawork HOONTA - I Can’t Guarantee That But Sure Go Ahead Filmed in Toluca, Mexico Clubs: Long Delphins by Henrys
Tags: juggling - passing





title: Lofi Body Rollin'

description: This video is the result of me exploring body throws with clubs for over a year. It includes the best club tricks I’ve come up with since my last club video, and most tricks include shoulder, arm and leg rolls. I’ve been exploring these concepts because I feel like they haven’t been explored enough and I highly recommend you to try them out! Finally, I put a substantial amount of time and exploration into this so I hope you enjoy the tricks and help me share this video. Enjoy! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook: https://www.instagram.com/lucasadverse https://www.facebook.com/jugglingadverse Music: Sensi x [Slr] - The Maintenance EP (first, third and fourth tracks) https://soundcloud.com/lordsensi/the-maintenance-ep-slr-x-sensi [ bsd.u ] - hoodie weather https://soundcloud.com/bsdu/ Filmed in San Andrés Cholula, México Clubs: Long Delphins by Henrys
Tags: juggling - clubs - body - throws





title: Japanese Juggling Memories

description: 日本語の説明は下に書いてあります。 This year I studied in Japan for 8 months and visited many cities while meeting jugglers everywhere I could. I took videos of many jugglers that I became friends with and many of them are part of the most famous Japanese jugglers. I made this video so that I could have some memories to look back and because I also wanted to show you how Japan is full of beasts. The names and social media of all jugglers are written below in case you want to check out their stuff (names are written on the YouTube video description because it doesn't fit here). Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the video and to everyone who enhanced my experience in Japan! 今年8ヶ月間日本に留学して、すごく素晴らしい経験ができました!日本で旅行した時に大勢のジャグラーに会って、色んな動画を撮ったのでこの動画を作りました。日本人のジャグラーと交流するのが大好きだからまた僕が日本に行ったら是非メッセージを送ってください!日本人のジャグラーのおかげでたくさん日本語を練習できたし、色んな素敵な技術が見れたから普通の留学生よりずっと日本を楽しめました。交流できたジャグラー、ありがとうございました! Music: DJ Fresh - Gold Dust Baths - Aminals





title: Trap N' Roll (One Year of Club Juggling)

description: I decided to try clubs and this is a compilation of all the best doable ideas I had in one year of practice. Most of these ideas involve traps and rolls because I've always thought this style of club juggling looks dope thanks to the people mentioned in the video. I would like to especially thank Jorge Vilchis and Yerel Ahumada who are two great friends of mine who helped me in the beginning. I started by following their styles and I wouldn't have created most of my tricks if it wasn't for them. Lastly, I would like to point out that the reason I progressed so fast was that I focused on these types of tricks, and because of that I can't even do backcrosses or juggle 4 clubs LoL. Music: Just A Gent - Heavy As A Heartbreak (Syntact Remix) Follow Syntact: https://soundcloud.com/iamsyntact https://www.facebook.com/iamsyntact/ Check out my other social media: https://www.facebook.com/jugglingadverse/ https://www.instagram.com/lucasadverse
Tags: club - juggling - body - tricks





title: Osaka Jam - ジャグ練 feat. Ryohei Kimura (Jr.)

description: This is the video me and Jr. managed to record in 2 days of heavy practice and thinking. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to make a video with him because he is one of my biggest inspirations since I started juggling, and performing these tricks was easy due to our similar style of juggling. It was extremely fun to hang out with jugglers from Osaka and this was a great end for my student exchange program in Japan. Please check out Jr.'s social media: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCckGUhxBEBi4FmQXaUMoTvQ https://www.instagram.com yohei_kimura/ My social media: https://www.facebook.com/jugglingadverse/ https://www.instagram.com/lucasadverse Music: Koan Sound - Meanwhile, In The Future Koan Sound - Trouble In the West Thank you for watching.
Tags: passing - ball - juggling





title: World Juggling Day Festival 2016 in Japan

description: This is the biggest juggling festival I've ever been to in my life and it was a blast. This video includes the best jugglers that I talked to and had the opportunity to record with. I wrote down the names and social media of all the people who are in the video, so please go support them! (names are written on the YouTube video description because it doesn't fit here). Thank you very much to everyone who participated. Please check out my Facebook page and my Instagram: https://www.facebook.com/jugglingadverse/ https://www.instagram.com/lucasadverse Music: AudioTreats - Unforgettable Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/audiotreatsproduction Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AudioTreatsMusic/ Jeriqo - New Places Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jeriqo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeriqomusic Location: Osaka, Japan YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRSq-qZQLF4 Thank you for watching!
Tags: world - juggling - day - japan





title: Nagoya Jam - ジャグ練 feat. Hirota

description: I'm studying in Japan and luckily I'm staying in the same city as Hirota. Since we can easily meet and our juggling styles fit each other we decided to make this video. He is a huge inspiration to me since I started juggling, so meeting him and recording this video was an honour to me. Check out Hirota's channel and his instagram: https://www.youtube.com/user/3hirota https://www.instagram.com/3hirota My instagram and facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jugglingadverse https://www.instagram.com/lucasadverse Music: Koan Sound - Sly Fox Location: Meijō Kōen, Nagoya (Japan). Just in case you are wondering what happened in the end: I dropped right before the last catch but he didn't notice, so after he celebrated he realized that I'd dropped it and he said "I know that feeling (when you drop right before the last catch)". Thank you for watching!
Tags: passing - juggling





title: First Brazilian Mini-Convention of Manipulation

description: This is a compilation of the videos that I recorded during the First Mini-Convention of Manipulation ("1ª Mini-Convenção de Manipulação"), which took place in Altinópolis (SP) in December, 2015. Huge thanks to Marcelo Mamute for organizing such a fun event and motivating everyone to come. Although it happened in Brazil, most jugglers featured in the video are not Brazilian and their names are written below in order of appearance: Andres Torres Diaz (Rings) Hannes a.k.a Hofen (Clubs) Marcelo Mamute (Balls) Caio Matricardi (Diabolo) Lucas Devillers (Staves) Lucas Adverse (Me) Iuri Martins (Contact Juggling) Guili (Clubs with a balance) Anny Berrocal (Passing with Guili) Music: Gramatik - Just Jammin' DJ Okawari - Peacock Location: Hotel Fazenda Vale das Grutas - Altinópolis, São Paulo, Brazil. Thank you for watching.





title: #MagicJuggling (Project)

description: This video is part of the Latin American juggling project "Magic Juggling". Thanks to Efren Sandoval for editing and for the idea! Link for the project description video (in Spanish): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnjknV4ZVAs
Tags: juggling - body - throw - 3ball





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