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A delicious short movie showcasing Adrienn's lithe and energetic jump rope skills. Definitely one to see - whatever you do, don't skip it.

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_ Adrienn Banhegyi - "Kirche mit dem Seil", by Norbi Whitney

Shot entirely with a Canon T3i (600D) with the standard 18-55mm lens, at 720p and 60fps.
Edited using Final Cut Pro.

Directed, filmed and edited by Norbi Whitney
Starring Adrienn Banhegyi
Music: "Baby G" - The Vickers

Also at:
Hannover - 2012 Germany
  2012-03-23 02:37 10654

11_ they said...

norbi _ 142 months
“It's one of the standard ropes, called a "beaded rope".
Contact the people here http://ugrope.hu/en/ and ask about buying one.”
Arimane _ 142 months
“btw, is that a modified rope?”
Arimane _ 142 months
“I want a rope now.”
ipaxxx _ 142 months
“Cool ! ! !”
mangoanddango _ 142 months
“Amazing!!!!! I am skipping rope with new inspiration and showing your video to EVERYONE!!!!;o)!!! Amazing”
norbi _ 142 months
It's as much juggling as poi, hula hoop, lasso, unicycle, yo-yo, rubik's cube and ball spinning is (among others). I suppose manipulation is a better word.
Thanks also for the kind words everyone, I'm learning more everytime I make a film.”
Simalacrum _ 143 months
“Jump rope, a form of juggling eh?
I like the idea… ;)”
TLMB _ 143 months
“Really nice combi of video and manipulation skills. That cossack dance move is damn hard even without the skip - kudos!”
SharpDressedMan _ 143 months
“It's rare to see something so new and awesome. I genuinely did not know that that kind of thing was possible with a skipping rope...
nextinline42 _ 143 months
“now i love jumprope :)”
david _ 143 months
“király :)”

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