_ ACROHATICS with Jé St-Jean, by Norbi Whitney (short version)

A new take on the classic art of hat juggling. Completely re-edited after many useful comments from friendly jugglers. Thank you everyone.

Music: "Morphing" - Elsiane

Filmed with a Canon T3i (600D) with 50mm f/1.8, edited in Final Cut Pro X

Also available at:
Quebec - 2012 Canada
  2012-06-29 02:12 6246

3_ they said...

norbi _ 144 months
“Indeed, only 10 minutes of filming. It's all parts of his graduation act, so the tricks are pretty solid.”
JugglingIsNotACrime _ 144 months
“Surprisingly they filmed this in only 10 minutes”
CircusFreak713 _ 144 months
“Extremely smooth and clean. How long did it take you to make this video (because the balancing on your nose, flip it and still balance it looked hard)?”

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