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_ Foot Solve

A cheeky video of my first ever foot solve...It took an age but with the aid of modern technology I was able to speed it up. Feel the burn of layer by layer technique with your feet. Wowzers Trousers.
  2012-05-15 02:28 2538

4_ they said...

Robin _ 136 months
“Nobody needs to see my feet! x”
Em3 _ 136 months
“Thanks! It takes about 40 Seconds average for me to solve it with my hands. As for other cubes with my feet ~ it would probably take a day to solve as they tend to be smaller (and I'm not as good at them!) Robin; Your turn x”
Robin _ 136 months
“Love it!”
CircusFreak713 _ 136 months
“Epic win! I have never seen that before :D.
How long does it take for you to solve it normally and can you do that with anyother kinds of rubix cubes???”

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