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3 ball balance stack. Another vid with a Man vs Machine element. We think Peter wins, as he's fighting against an extra dimension.

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_ 3 ball stack progress 3 - plus machine learning

Getting closer to my goal of 10 seconds.
The images at the start from left to right are Enrico Rastelli (1920s), Leon Rabello (1936) and Paolo Bedini (1943).
The machine learning shows a genetic algorithm evolving a multi-layer perceptron neural network controller to perform the balance in 2 dimensions. A 2D rigid-body physics engine was used for the simulation. The performance of each trial was assessed based on the time balanced and the average 'uprightness' of the stack over the duration of the balance.
2012 United Kingdom
  2012-06-10 01:35 5645

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CircusFreak713 _ 145 months
“When i first saw this on front page, i though it was ball spinning and my reaction was: OMGWTFBBQ!!!
Then i watched the video.
Great job! I hope you can get your 10 second record soon and move on to 30 seconds, 1 minute etc... :D.”
congasious _ 145 months
“... i was fast to post my comment, but not clever enough to read that these tings are written in the description.. oops.. anyways, I am glad Peter wins :)”
congasious _ 145 months
“In the animation the direction and rotation is shown in 2d (i dare say 1d only) so i guess it is a lot harder with real balls where you control 3d direction & rotation of the balls... Wow! (by the way, i loved the animation as well as the real trick, ofc :)”
peterbone _ 145 months
“Simalacrum: There's a photo in 'Juggling, the art and its artists' showing Rastelli doing the 3 ball balance on his foot. I'm guessing that this was staged though. I doubt he could sustain that balance for more than the fraction of a second it took to take the photo. I guess that balancing a 2 ball stack on the head would be possible since the head acts like the bottom ball of the 3 ball stack. Would be hard though as the amount you can rotate your head is limited a lot more.”
Simalacrum _ 145 months
“Now do it on your head :P
(All kidding aside this is incredible!)”
Nightjuggler _ 145 months
“Could it be possible to get for informations about your algorithms? I'm really interested in these methods. Thanks”
Teku _ 145 months
“You make me sick in the best possible way.”
norbi _ 145 months

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