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New and hardcore multi-person passing patterns. 4- and 5-person Roundabout!

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_ "What About" Unicirclo

- 180 machine about
(Four and five persons)
- te cambio las papas por chesco/nthis are new patterns discovered by Christian Tinoco
inspired for his last meeting with Aidan burns at EJC 2013, coming back to México he and his friends from Bad Balls (Cd Juarez. Chihuahua) and his team (Unicirclo) at Torreón
Together they could developed this amazing patterns that you can see in the video.
enjoy it!!!
Torreón, Coahuila. Mexico
  2013-10-13 04:45 7056

7_ they said...

LALOPOP _ 55 months
Moisess.441 _ 56 months
“elegante!! :-)”
Intedzone _ 56 months
“I just love to make the videos of this guys!!!! My family... UNICIRCLO RULES!!!!!”
DannyLicano _ 56 months
“Tsssss a huueeevvooo!! Chingonsísismo!!! VENGA UNICIRCLO!”
llamajuggler _ 56 months
“This is fantastic!!! I love all the new take-out stuff, and they're all super clean. I want to see more. :)”
ipaxxx _ 56 months
“Un gran y enorme saludo los amigos del norte... ¡Puro poder de Torreon!”
UnicircloLaguna _ 56 months
“Tell us if you like it and if you want to see more videos from us!!!!!! :D”

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