_ The Room of Time 3

Cinthia has recorded a video per year, since she began practicing juggling this is the last video of the room of time trilogy (based on dragon ball), showing in her performance the power of the room of time.
She is a young juggler from the city of Torreon in Coahuila and for three years she has been training and she received Mr Popo's knowledge at Unicirclo Laguna.
Specialized in balance techniques domain, The video it's recorded at Unicirclo Laguna a big and beautiful vintage house located downtown of the city; where time stops with walls filled of color and beautiful sight. Anybody in the world can come here to train and upgrade their level.
In this video we can see ball and club in the head, a backcross addiction and we couldn't miss the unicycle her crew's representative logo.
Torreón, Coahuila. Mexico
  2014-05-23 05:41 2529

3_ they said...

nawitum _ 54 months
“muy bureno!! la flaca la rompe! se nota que es semaforista eh!! felicitaciones!! gran entreno, gran trabajo, envidia sana!”
DiaboloDavidguitar _ 58 months
“I loved the second to last trick, but all the other tricks were cool, as well as the camera work and the background! very cool”
jstavr _ 59 months
“amazing balancing! good work!”

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