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There should be a passing law: The more complex the pattern, the happier you are to run it clean.

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_ Switching between scrambled 3V and 3B long run

Starting off with the base pattern of rotating 2 count 4 count feed, we then add the maniuplators to do 3B (Brook in blue t-shirt the B maniuplator, Steve in black t-shirt the 3 manipulator). Every 30 beats you get back to the start, and so every 30 beats the B/V manipulator (Brook at this point) switches to the other pattern and the 5 people do around of 3B/3V. We do 3B/3V/3B/3V and then try to exit the pattern.

Patterned invented by Aidan - see 'How to Steal From Your Friends' at http://www.juggle.me.uk/passing/ where 3,V,B and transitions between them are described.

In Aidan Notation (X, Y, Z are the jugglers):

X: Ps | Ps | Ps
Y: Ps | ss | Ps
Z: ss | Ps | ss
3: cZZ | sZX | iXY
V: cXY | sYY | iXZ
B: iXY | cYY | sYX

I switch by doing the second column of the pattern I've arrived in (as manipulator) and then switching to the third column of the new pattern (and everyone responds accordingly).
Boulder, Colorado - 2014 United States
  2014-10-06 02:01 3160

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