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Beware! Thieves are known to be operating in this area. Please protect your clubs to ensure they are not stolen. ;)

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_ Passing from Croatia to Turkey

Three of us went on a cycling trip, starting in Croatia and making our way to the Turkish juggling convention. On the way we did some juggling!
Croatia, Monenegro,Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey - 2014
  2014-10-09 02:59 4213

4_ they said...

akeee _ 115 months
“Fantastic :D”
bobbyscala _ 116 months
“Hi guys, thanks for the passing Workshop u gave at jfest.
Wish we could have stayed longer”
nawitum _ 116 months
“The great thing of this video is how apear the other guys and the clubs. Apear from nowhere, incredible!! ver nice!
lo mejor de este video es como aparece la gente o las clavas de repente, genial....”
DiaboloDavidguitar _ 116 months
“I almost always just lurk on jtv,but that was so good that I just have to say it : That was GREAT! Very polished, fun little exits and transitions, and the bridge trick was my favorite! How do you even think of that!”

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