_ Tricks With Hats: Wipe Up Arm Roll

This is a combination of parts of two other tricks, so it would probably help to learn them first. They are the Arm Roll and the Wipe Up

Start with the hat on your head. With the right arm, do the first part of a wipe up, just to the point where the hat comes off your head. However, instead of carrying it out to the side, push the hat back on your head so that the bottom of the brim comes into contact with your shoulder blades.

Use your upper arm to push the hat off and to the left, so that it can roll down your arm as though you were doing an Arm Roll, catching it in you hand as you do so

One variation that Mike is fond of, is to grip the front part of the crown with the crook of the elbow. Mike claims this gives him more options, and more control over where the hat goes. Try it, it may work for you too!
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