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Li'l bits of whips and sticks!

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Film made for a contest. Rules:
- 40 seconds maximum
- a red "sphere" should appear
Malabares en su tinta is the best blog, http://www.malabaresensutinta.com/, about circus in Spanish, at least I like it a lot. Consequently more than 1000 times a mouse has clicked the always longed for 'like' button on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/malabaresensutinta. This is my contribution to the contest organized to celebrate it.
The sexy camerawoman was: Agata Bednarz :*
The amazing music is Earl by BadBadNotGood
Recorded with a Oneplus One at 720p, forgot to change it :(
The crime scene is:
An old abandoned police building chosen this year to hold the periodic art exposition Survival. Survival happens once per year in Wrocław, a weekend. An old building or environment is filled with strange art, free entrance, the chance to see an abandoned closed place, drinking beer all around the place, juggling all around the place, and there are even DJs...
Survival: http://www.survival.art.pl/
Wroclaw Poland
  2015-07-15 00:41 3247

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MartinZê _ 105 months
“Ese Wis tremendo videaco, soy Martin el del Eucima, nos vemos en otro sarao oiga !!!”

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