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_ A Jugglers Review | Gballz

Let me go into more details for you, getting these balls delivered was the first issue I came across. It took a while to resolve issues I was having with the delivery company and for whatever reason I was charged an extra fee to get them released from Parcel Force to me. The balls I received are great quality and one day they will be amazing to juggle, but they are in no means “underfilled beanbags.” I do however appreciate Gregory for all the time and effort he put in to making me a logo and creating the balls and wallet, it was incredible of him to do that off his own back and I really appreciate it. I was in contact with Gregory and told him how awesome it was of him to be doing such things, I even sent him a small amount of money as a thank you for the Logo he created, he gave me his info but never acknowledged it after that. I think Gregory is awesome but I also think he is too busy at times and I believe that may impact how he reacts with customers of the business.
  2018-04-12 03:54 2663

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MatthewTiffany _ 74 months
“thanks for the honesty dude! ive never bought them as they are too expensive for me, if never had free ones cos im not cool enough to deserve them!! however i have juggled hundreds of them, from brand new to way past it.
i dont find them any better than sports balls or fergies, both of whom were, i believe, making those types of balls before gballz, they are also in my opinion no better than juggledream/sports ones, although much more variation of the product is available with gballz.
buying balls from outside the uk is tough as you will get stung by import tax.
greg is great cos of the variety you can get, he can charge a fortune partly cos his product is near the top of the market, but mostly because his product is the coolest one due to him sending out free samples to the cool gang.
with all the talk recently of stealing props and tricks, how might that impact ball design? i think barnsey (the actual greatest ball maker of all time!) might be owed some royalities!!!
degredation of the product is very important, the materials used to make them hate concrete for example, and rain, you only get about 2 good years out of any ultra suade ball before they start to flake bits off into your eyes, probably about 3 or 4 years with normal suade but they collect dirt much more.
when i started juggling it was almost impossible to find anything to buy as good as what greg producers, it is great they now exist. i used to buy henrys suades and immediately unstitch them and underfill them myself. its through conversation between producer and user that these things get better, so thanks again for your video x”
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