_ Claude Shannon Juggling Machine

Different combinations of speed and rotation will juggle different amount of balls./nLink to code:/nhttps://github.com/smeschke/juggling/blob/master/miscellaneous/claude_shannon_juggling_machine.py
  2019-01-09 01:35 1950

3_ they said...

jimmyde _ 60 months
“Hi Stephen. I used Algodoo to simlulate a 3 ball shower:
Not sure how well it emulates reality but it has motivated me to modify my drop juggle machine into a toss juggle machine.”
StephenMeschke _ 63 months
Thanks! This code is not great for validating CS's juggling fomula because the balls state (in the hand or in the air) is not tracked.”
jimmyde _ 63 months
“Wonderful program Stephen! I am Jim, the one who built a CS juggling machine. I haven't copied your python code yet to play with it. Wish I was math/physics whiz like you but have too many interests as is to start learning. I haven't checked your code out but wondered, does it validate CS's juggling formula?”

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