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_ Markijuggling 5 Promo

Promotional video of the Markijuggling 5 juggling convention that will be from 29th may to 2nd june in Senigallia Ancona Italy, for more infos have a look on markijugglerscrew.spaces.live.com or myspace.com/markijugglerscrew or send me an email at [email protected]
Senigallia - 2009 Italy
  2009-05-06 03:24 2529

1_ they said...

SilentOne _ 167 months
“Mein gott, this was the best video I have ever seen except... I would have preferred 3 minutes of juggling and 30 seconds of credits instead of the other way around, making me wait so long and using so many blasted effects made me think I was in line for a cheap horror movie, why cram so much action into under 30 seconds? If you want me hyped up show me real skill, otherwise I'll just get bored waiting.”

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