_ plastic jumblymambas

mostly made from recycled garbish,juggle as a ball or as aclub
on the road
  2009-06-01 00:37 2519

2_ they said...

jumblymamba _ 165 months
“I^m a chaotic juggler don't know how to do any tricks with normal clubs or anything I play the sax tythe same way ,As far as I can understand all things are possible ;all the long stick moves all the contact and finger manipulation and all club moves all it takes is a normal juggler to take them on and try them ,,meanwhile I will continue to try and learn to do them4normally,PS tring to br fluent with all nine of the new props Ive designed plus trying to get at 4 and 5 objects is taking alot of time im very slow ,Ican't afford 5 clubs the same so I'm using my own props”
hatch _ 168 months
“Are you really trying to make these props look good? Cascade or reverse cascade? What a choice. There must be something more interesting with them.”

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