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JTV says_ This is more of a beginning than a Finish... these Poles don't know what a wrong end is... if only Albert was there...

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_ Finnish Poles 2009 World Record

It's like they are kind of really long tubes,
but I like to call them the Finnish Poles,
because it is the coolest name I could think
of. Or maybe I should call them the Coolnesstix.
In finnish they are called "patukat".
Music by Giant Robot, song Best Match
Filmed at Turun Sirkus in Turku Finland
April 2009. World Record juggling five finnish poles.
Turku - 2009 Finland
  2009-08-14 04:37 6319

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kaj _ 110 months
“If someone is still interested to buy some, I can now make some for sale. Shipping will probably be expensive though. You can also now watch the act I had with these back in 2007. It is in youtube.
Channel kaikuutamo.”
kennyjuggling _ 157 months
“sweeeet dudee ;)”
aarondewitt _ 161 months
“That is badass!”
Nushka _ 167 months
FlamingFun _ 168 months
“You rock man! Very nice.”
stan _ 169 months
“Do you think any of the traders at BJC will sell these ? It would be awesome to buy some and learn it in the gym. Where did you buy yours ?”
radomasta _ 169 months
“nice :)”
Arron _ 169 months
“Very nice! I'd love to see some Alberts with you stood on stilts!”

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