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MCP says_ Everyone who was at the BJC will know he is made of the purest

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_ Komei Aoki at BJC 2009

Komei's show-stealing act at the BJC 2009 in Norwich.
Norwich - 2009 United Kingdom
  2009-09-29 16:25 26540

17_ they said...

JugglinJohnny _ 23 months
“great music, great style!”
Feela _ 82 months
“4:21 love it!!!”
MatiasCurinao _ 94 months
“la cagó!, muy bueno, congratulations, great show.”
Dreyer _ 111 months
“In development on what verbivore has said, it's exactly that eschewal of convention mixed with a natural love of the form itself that makes the Japanese guys so addictive and convincing in their performances. They are out on the very edge - their sets are completely absorbing from start to finish.”
peteraberg _ 117 months
“Komei is for me one of the few onee that manages to combine the dance into the juggling without making it pain to watch!”
jugglerboy123 _ 117 months
“nice moves man......nice music too!!!
HarryBoy _ 117 months
“It's unfair to have that much talent ahahah.
Great stuff man, keep it up! :D”
JugglingJoe _ 117 months
“awesome! style. skills.”
Xotico _ 117 months
“WooooW! great work!”
paris _ 117 months
looby _ 117 months
“It shows the quality of a perfomance when you hold an audience for 16 minutes......beautiful”
verbivore _ 117 months
“Beautiful. I love the stuff the young people in Japan are doing. So innovative, so fresh, like they've never been told what to do, so they try everything without putting limits on themselves. Bravo!”
Flob _ 117 months
“Great at the BJC, great on vid. Loved it again.”
LaNgErZ _ 117 months
“just as epic the second time round. love it”
kuba_borkowicz _ 117 months
“great performance! your juggling is great and the way you move is awesome therefore i'd love to see you using more space on the stage. when i watch it i kinda get a feeling that you've made this performance in 'one tatami room'.”
lucianogondim _ 117 months
“nice style...”
paquito_calavera _ 117 months
“WoOoOOo!!!! O_o!!!”

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