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JTV says_ Four jugglers battle it out in a Japanese game show for the coveted crown of "TV Champion". Will there be numbers contests and pirouettes, or fire and apples? Find out how they choose the pick of the crop in Japan.

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_ TV Champion: Juggling Part 1

Japanese tv game show.
  2010-01-02 16:43 9112

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BrentFiasco _ 108 months
“I'm so into this!! Carrying a rubber snake to get out of embarrassing situations is some brilliant foresight. And it's so inspirational! How could you NOT want to go busking tea parties after watching these?”
Simalacrum _ 142 months
“YAY, I can make sense of all this bizzare nonsense cause I understand Japanese! Actually quite funny :P”
FrancescoGondino _ 142 months
“Bleah, nono.. snake and juggling, is like a parody of juggling.. I don't like it”
aarondewitt _ 142 months
“hahaha. I don't know what to make of this, but I can say it's definitely entertaining.”
jugglebomb _ 142 months
“This is soooooo bizarre...”

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