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My heart melted to the ground, found something true and everyone's looking 'round, thinking I'm going crazy, kids won't understand a thing. There's just so much more to learn than just the tricks and treats.

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_ Norbi - "DiaboLove"

A diabolo routine I created as a parody of the current state of 'originality' in hand-to-hand acts. However ended up becoming quite popular as a standalone serious routine...
  2010-01-19 02:56 8127

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Bbousk _ 123 months
“be careful because the diabolo forces you to look down”
norbi _ 123 months
“I noticed that there was "fashions" in different disciplines. Handstand numbers often have a similar feeling, straps numbers are almost always the same, other aerials too, etc...
As an experiment and parody, I wanted to take the style of one discipline (hand to hand) and use it in another (diabolo).
This number was the result. Those who see the joke find it funny, those who don't find it beautiful. I let them make their own choice as they can just as easily appreciate it as both.”
piwi _ 123 months
“purpose **”
piwi _ 123 months
“What is your butts in the show ? :)”
norbi _ 134 months
“I'm currently performing this act at GOP varieté theater Essen (with shoes)”
PePPy _ 150 months
“i absolutely loved this video! u put yourself into the performance so much that it looks as if everything's supposed to happen. simply awesome, amazing job :)”
cateemily _ 157 months
“I find this both kind of sexy and really hilarious at the same time. I'm kind of surprised because I've never really thought of you as sexy but you manage to pull off both at the same time. Good work.”
Toddyupa _ 157 months
“you have to work on the down vertax body orbits at 1:49: your only in halftax.”
JessiJames _ 158 months
“i think this is better without shoes ... its look better i think with the character... anyway. I really like this parody you made , its great!”
Arron _ 158 months
“Put some shoes on.”

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