_ Sean McKinney Freestyle Competition 2007 - David Kha

When I arrived at the Pacific Northwest Juggling Convention in Corvallis I had no intentions of entering any competitions. Reluctantly I agreed to participate, not really knowing who Sean McKinney was. After watching the other performers, I was sure I didn't win and went up to the Balcony to watch the rest of the show. They announced me as the winner just as I had come down for a drink of water. They gave me the coolest juggling trophy I've ever seen! Since then I've done my homework on McKinney and spent some time with the people who knew him and decided I probably was the right person for this particular competition.
Corvallis, Oregon - 2007 United States
  2007-07-05 02:44 6951

2_ they said...

pjperkin _ 150 months
“Remind me not to play volley club with this guy!”
kiwiColin _ 184 months
“woooow who is that man, I am sure I have seen him here or there great set Dave I gotta see more”

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