_ Overview of Excited State Siteswap Transition (Mini-Series)

Here's a non-trailer trailer for an upcoming mini-series of Boppo's Whiteboard ... namely, several different methods to calculate or deduce transition sequences between excited-state siteswap tricks. If you know the get-in and get-outs, that's enough to make transitions. If you know of or can find a trick that has states in common with the tricks you wish to transition between, that is enough to make transition sequences. If you know the states themselves and can find throws to convert between them, that too is enough. Also, if you can give the total arrival schedule, if you will, of the entire sequence you wish to have transitions within, that too enables you to deduce possible transition sequences. They all work for synch, too, but the last is maybe the best method for me.
  2010-10-09 02:55 4531

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