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What was I talking about 2010... Damn.
This is quote from WesP at JacobS's fb wall: 'GOD DAMN!!!!! dude i screamed at my screen so many times while watching that shit! you have so many genius move! ga!'

Balls are new diabolo.

I think it would be nice to have front page staying at least a week. Then it would be only 52 frontpage videos at most for year. I am not really following this rule myself, just learning to use my powers. ;)

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_ Pink Shorts

Jacob Sharpe's first foray into the world of ball juggling videos. Shot and edited by Nate Sharpe.
Cambridge - 2010 United States
  2010-12-30 06:37 16754

10_ they said...

nathanthrows _ 141 months
“Ahh thats awesome man. love it”
koolmagicguy2 _ 149 months
“This. Is. Incredible. Juggling. Not the nicest music, but I like the juggling. 4/5”
Juraj _ 152 months
“yes! come on! :-)”
@kdiabolo _ 152 months
sebastian _ 152 months
seawan _ 152 months
“YOU ARE FUCKED!!! I YELLED AT MY SCREEN THAT IS FUCKING AMAZING.... ahem i really enjoyed you video”
jimifun _ 152 months
“I would sell my soul for you hot skills.”
Vince _ 152 months
That was SICK.
Hilarious, skill, and pink shorts. A perfect combo.”
Robin _ 152 months
“Some really nice original juggling. Good work and thanks for sharing!”
TLMB _ 152 months
“Hep to the ready housequake. Shut up. Already. Damn! (....as I believe the kids are all saying these days.) I like the Jesus 5ball juggle, and the 1-arm cascade. And the yellow squash court :-).”

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