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The Lauppes. Great basketball juggling and manipulation, mouthstick, stick, ring juggling and acrobalance all together. This clip from the 70s deserves a bit more recognition.

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_ Gus, Ursula and Don

Filmed in the 70s. This is Gus, Ursula and their son Donald Lauppe. (Gus ,Ursula and Don). Thanks to Michael Chirrick for the identification. Gus Lauppe won the IJA's Historical Achievement Award in 1994. The non-original music is by Janis Joplin/Big Brother And The Holding Company.
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  2011-03-07 08:21 8330

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[email protected] _ 142 months
“I knew Gus & Ursula after they retired and bought the animal park. They still had a show twice a day and yes Donald also was in the show. The added a Russian Brown Bear Act to their show and also had a Wild Cat show that yes Gus also did.. They were amazing people. Miss them Dearly.. Still talk with their Son-He is like a brother to me..
Cheryl Hummel LoPiccolo”
Arron _ 155 months
“So many great tricks! I wonder, how many great acts there are that I've never heard of?! Many I hope, keep 'em coming Archive monkeys!”

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